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Introducing Mario Dell’Oglio


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself 

Owner of Dell’Oglio, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers, runner, philosophical ‘flâneur’, writer and proud father.

2. What does Dell’Oglio mean to you? What makes the brand special?

Dell’Oglio represents my roots and my future, my city and my drive in the world. It is special because it’s a selection of brands chosen for a way of dressing rather than just dressing the  body of a man. It represents the ability to create a unique style putting different items together with eclecticism and rigor.

3. Have you always been interested in fashion?

No. Not always. Elegance has always been a part of my education, from the table to clothes, but it was only after my studies at University that I felt the need to work with objects, treating them as the possibility of ways of being.

4. Why do you like fashion? What does it mean to you?

Fashion is the quickest way to express one’s personality. It means updating and taking care of yourself. It is how you keep up with the world.

5. In a few words, what is your style’s motto?

Each morning take the time to decide how you would like the world to see you.


6. What exactly is “Italian style” or “Sicilian style”?

Italian style is the perfect balance between formal and informal. It means adding a softer touch to the most formal of looks and adding a formal element to a casual look. Sicilian style is the same, however with an exaggerated emphasis.

7. How are you and the brand inspired by Italy and Sicily?

Colours, shapes, contrasts, contamination – drama and irony

8. How is Italian fashion different from other styles?

It is part of our DNA and therefore seems to come to us naturally, where others may seem artificial. I love the way Japanese people dress, but it seems like their style is more studied. We are naturally elegant.


Italian style is the perfect balance between formal and informal



9. What would you never be caught wearing?

White socks or a tank top.

10. What is your favorite fashion item? 

A shirt worn with a gilet

11. If someone was looking to invest in an item to add to their wardrobe, what would you recommend them to buy?

A jacket

12. What makes or breaks an outfit?

Contrasting colours and an extraordinary detail


13. Do you have any daily rituals? Favorite part of your day?

I always go for a run early in the morning, then take a shower before a breakfast of lemon juice and fruit. My favourite part of the day is an aperitivo at sunset at my house by the sea.

14. What is your favorite color?


15. What’s your favorite weekend activity?

Reading the paper and coming up with innovative ideas whilst drinking a gin and tonic

16. What’s the best fashion secret you’ve ever learned?

Shoes must always be impeccable


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